Members of the Process of Black Communities during the march this month that closed the National Agrarian Summit. (PHOTO BY ORSETTA BELLANI)

by Orsetta Bellani

Some 4,000 people from all corners of Colombia participated in the National Agrarian Summit, Peasant, Ethnic and from the People that took place in 15-17 March 2014 in the capital Bogotá. The event consisted of two days of panels and discussions on the issues that most affect the Colombian population, especially those living in the countryside, and concluded on March 17 with a march of about 30 thousand people who went through to the central Bogotá Plaza Bolívar.

Woman and teenage unducumented immigrants pay thousands to cross U.S.-México border

Often get raped and sexually assaulted by guides

by Carlos Garcia
Latin Post

There is a booming business taking place on the U.S.-Mexico border: Human trafficking. Migrants who want to cross into the U.S. pay thousands of dollars to guides who use their knowledge of the land to bring them safely across while avoiding the border patrol.

“Coyote” is the name given in the trade for the human smugglers who are responsible for the majority of the undocumented immigration across the Southwest border.

The intelligence bureaucracy that ate our world - Part 2

by Marvin Ramirez

Marvin J. RamirezMarvin Ramirez

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Many of you, dear readers of El Reportero, might not have any idea of what the government is really doing with all the data accumulated in their databases – our information. How much information it has about all of us and what this means for the preservation of civil liberties in this world of super high technology, where almost everything - from the TV set on which you watch your favorite soap opera to every phone call you make on your cell phone - is being recorded. And our Congress – if we can call it our Congress - is an accomplice on this rape of our liberties. The following article, that was found hidden somewhere in the internet, brings a lot of fine information for you and me to know a little bit more how we are becoming their slaves in a more and more sinister way. Most of us live our lives just coming and going to our jobs or watching our favorite ball games – like zombies, looking dumbly at our iphones, doing nothing about it. Due that this article is too long for our space availability, we have split it into two parts. This is Part One.

by Tom Engelhardt

A system that creates its own reality

“Obama’s military spending cuts equal military spending increases”

Submitted by the Libertarian Party

While the Libertarian Party strongly agrees with the need to downsize the U.S. military, the Obama plan recently announced by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel expands the military.

Both Democratic and Republican politicians routinely deceive taxpayers by portraying slight reductions in the growth of government as “cuts.”

When military spending cuts are involved, Republicans protest loudly, giving credence to the claim that the cuts are real.

Latin Briefs
Next Salvadorian government for more jobs and productivity

by the El Reportero’s wire services

Salvador Sánchez CerénSalvador Sánchez Cerén

The next government of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) will seek to generate more jobs, so it is urgent to strengthen the country’’s development, said today President-elect Salvador Sanchez Ceren.

In an interview with a local TV channel, Sánchez Ceren explained that to achieve this goal it is necessary to respect the rights of workers and improve their wages, stimulate the industrial sector through the creation of an institutional framework and stimulate investment.

In this regard, he recalled that the present government of Mauricio Funes and the FMLN were able to increase revenues to the extent that they were improving employment conditions.

For the new mandate, there are opportunities for the economic boom of the country because they inherit more than US$ 800 million for the administration of Funes, he said.

Arts & Entertainment
California farm workers to attend special preview of César Chávez biopic

by the El Reportero’s news services

César ChávezCésar Chávez

More than 1,000 farm workers who benefit from the legacy of César Chávez attended Tuesday, April 1 in California’s Central Valley a special preview of the film about the late civil rights activist and labor leader’s life.

The movie César Chávez will screen at what is now the National Historic Landmark of Forty Acres, outside Delano, where the United Farm Workers co-founder fasted for almost a month as part of his peaceful fight for field hands’ rights.

“We’re celebrating the legacy of César Chávez but we’re also acknowledging that we’re still active and working for a better life for farmworkers,” UFW Vice President Armando Elenes told Efe.

“In this case, field hands will be among the first to see the movie,” he said.

Director Diego Luna and América Ferrera, who plays César’s wife Helen Chávez, will be on hand Tuesday for the outdoor preview.

Calendar & Tourism
Saccho Dance Theater presents Dying While Black and Brown

Compiled by El Reportero’s staff

Marta LledoMarta Lledo

ZACCHO Dance Theatre and San Francisco’s Neighborhood Arts Collaborative presents two free performances of the 2011 work, Dying While Black and Brown.

A panel discussion will follow Friday’s performance with Ana Zamora, Senior Policy Advocate at ACLU and former Program Director at Death Penalty Focus, and James Bell, Founder and Executive Director of Burns Institute, a leading nonprofit in the field of juvenile justice and the reduction of ethnic and racial disparities.

First commissioned by the San Francisco Equal Justice Society, Dying While Black and Brown focuses on capital punishment and the disproportionate numbers of incarcerated people of color. The piece was created by ZACCHO’s Artistic Director, Joanna Haigood in collaboration with renowned jazz composer, Marcus Shelby.

“The piece Dying While Black & Brown impacted me in a very profound way, because it took me back to a place emotionally that allowed me to reconnect with the tragedy of the past 18 years of my life, and then it also reminded me of the triumph of winning back my freedom.” -Anthony Graves, Texas Defender, former death row inmate.

Simple ways to avoid GMO foods

by J. D. Heyes

Thanks to the efforts of Natural News and some other news sources, an increasing number of Americans are becoming more aware of just how damaging to the world’s food system genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have become. The rise in food allergies and gluten sensitivities are evidence that GM foods have impacted the global food chain in negative and dangerous ways.

As such, millions of Americans agree that, at the very minimum, GM foods ought to carry labeling designating them as such -- just like the labeling requirements for ingredients in other foods.